Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Little Word...

I was jumping through some of the blogs I follow and being a teacher that works with words, I was caught by the title of Bethany's post at Counterfiet Kit Club. It was entitled One Little Word. When I read, she talked about taking a challenged from Ali Edwards each year to choose a word to be the focus of your year. It made me start thinking about what I want my year to be. I am choosing INSPIRED. I want to be inspired this year. I am not just talking about in my crafting, but in my work, my faith, my daily life. I want each moment to count. I want to see what is around me and allow it to inspire me. It is time to shake off this funk I have been in and get inspired. I am sure that if I am inspired it will inspire those around and oh how grand life can be.


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