Sunday, December 9, 2012

For those of you that have been asking...

Well, you haven't seen me in months, sorry about that! I have gotten many emails and messages asking if I am okay, why I am not rambling, and why I am not creating. Many things collided to cause the cosmic chaos that has kept me away from my blog and my craft room. I decided major life changes were in order started working to make that happen. Once I planned and started doing, some of those changes took on a life of their own and things happened much more quickly than planned. The biggest and best change is that my children and I are moving home. I will be heading back to Texas on the 20th of December. I can not wait to be home in the loving arms of my family. I also can't wait to reconnect with old friends.

Okay, STOP IT!!!! Don't say I am sorry, and don't look at me with pity in your eyes. This is a good thing! I am getting back my life. My children and I are so excited we can hardly stand it. If you thought I was a bit crazy before, you haven't seen anything yet. KathyJo when she is happy is a whole new creature. I haven't been this happy in twenty years, so watch out world.

I can not promise any crafty goodness in the next few weeks, as most of the craft room is packed. I have no time for crafting right now and will be getting settled. I promise as the new year rolls in though I will get busy and you will hear more from me. Thank you to each of you that have expressed your concern. No need to worry... the new and improved KathyJo is still here.
Until then...
Happy Crafting!


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