Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Bookmark with a Melted Metal Look

Okay those of you who know me know I am weird, but today you are going to read just how weird. Today's project, a little bookmark, is in direct response to a 30 year old curiosity. I remember in elementary school they showed us films in the cafeteria. They were on the big reels, and we were so excited when we got to watch them. There are two that still fascinate me. One was a film on volcanos and the other was Johnny Tremain. The volcano film showed the lava flowing down a hill, and I was enthralled my the liquid rock. I wanted to touch it. Yes, I realize it would burn my hand off, but I really wanted to feel it. When we watched Johnny Tremain their melted silver just fascinated me. I wanted to play with it. I wanted to pour it and drip it and splatter it. Not something I was able to do until now. The amazing enamel powders from Globecraft Memories gave me the chance to make it look like I had been playing with molten silver without burning my hands off. I was simply playing and getting to know the products when I made this bookmark.
 This was a fun little project that I love for many reasons. I am a reading teacher, so I almost always have a current book I am reading. Second, it was simple. Third, it allowed me to use a cricut cartridge I haven't used much. Fourth, it allowed me to use a little tiny photo that has been sitting there for years. Fifth, it was a great learning experience with Glastique and the enamel powders.
 I love how it looks like I dripped metal on the surface. It is raised. My sister was visiting and saw this in person and thought the metal look was very cool.
 Another angle to try and show you the dimension of this product.
 To make this, I cut two pieces of patterned cardstock in the same charm shape from Fabulous Finds and cut one with the blackout feature, so we wouldn't have a hole on the reverse side of the star. I coated each piece with glossy Glastique. I used a small paint brush and spread a thin layer on each one. I repeated this twice.You can see the the paper stays flexible even after the coating. It almost felt like plastic at this point. It really strengthened the paper too. I tried tearing it, and it is really hard to tear once coated in Glastique.Make sure you rinse your paint brush right away if you spread it with a paint brush. If you rinse right away it rinses right out. If you forget to rinse it for a while, it is not an easy task to clean that brush. I then used the glastique as an adhesive to glue down the picture and then glued all the layers together.
 Once it was dry, I took a versamark pen and ran it around the edges and added the Vintage Silver Enamel Powder which I heat set. It wasn't as smooth as I wanted, so I ran the versamark pen around the edge again and added more enamel powder. 
I drew dots on the front with the versamark maker and added the enamel powder to that as well. I love how after being heat set it is still raised and looks like I just dripped it there. Okay, so maybe I am not Johnny Tremain, but I sure had fun making this cute bookmark. I added ribbon to hold my place and it was done.

If you are like me, you are going to want to play with and try out these new products. Globecraft Memories has generously offered a coupon code to all of the Hobby Baby team to share with our blog readers. You can use Coupon Code TS25 for 25% off your total purchase.  Head on over there and get some of these enamel powders. I promise you will love them.
Happy Crafting!


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