Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unscripted Sketches #111

Another week has flown by, and I was worried that I might not get this week's sketch done. I struggled coming up with an idea for this one until we were at the baseball tournament last weekend. Nick kept leaning over and saying this that started with, "So this is how it feels to..." The idea for this layout poppped into my head and here is is! I made the mistake of starting before printing the pics from the tournament and I had to use a horizintal picture. I liked the vertical prints better, but I didn't have time to reprint. Anyway... here is the sketch for this week.
I flipped the sketch upside down and this is what I came up with for the week.

I needed a little extra room to journal all the quotes, so I used two columns instead of one. It was a simple quick layout which is why I love these sketches so much. They can really be dressed up if you want, but they can be done quickly and easily. It allows me to record things I don't want to forget. Sketches are a tool to recording my children's lives.

The quotes say, "to be voted on to the all-star team" "to win more than you loses" "to be the number one seed" "to get on base 8 out of 9 times" "to stand tall when you hit" "to play in the championship game" "to know I am baseball!"
I added a little baker's twine and a few squares of cardstock with baseball stickers. I can't wait to see what you come up with using the sketch. Head on over to and link up your tsake on this sketch.


Jane Wetzel said...

SO awesome! Great way to preserve memories! :)

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