Saturday, February 12, 2011

An 8x8 Layout...


I made this layout for a friend's All About Me book she is doing. I happen to know these are her favorite movies. The tag behind the pics have a place for favorite character, scene, line, and why she thinks it is worth watching. I thought years from now her grandchildren would enjoy reading that information.


Pamela said...

How cute is that...I want to get more comfortable scrapping about myself before I get any older and can't remeber if I had a great time or not!!LOL
Also, I went back and posted the size of the taggie. It's about 14x14 inches square!

Diana said...

I am the family's genealogist and I think this is a wonderful idea!! I'm going to do one of these for each of my sisters. Thanks for the great idea, and love the Blog so far!! Thanks for putting the link on your Cricut MB profile.

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