Thursday, February 10, 2011

A quick gift...

Well, at 9:30 my darling 12 year old son comes to me and says, "Can you make something for Lacey for me." I say sure and ask what he would like for me to make. He says, "I don't know. Something with paper. You know like you would make for one of your cricut friends. Maybe something that flips or folds. She likes purple." I say okay I will make it this weekend. I am thinking Valentine's is Monday; I have the weekend. He tells me, "No! I need it in the morning. She won't be there Monday." Well, some Outback coasters, some paper, a little bling, and an hour later this is what I have. He is pleased with it. It just needs to dry before morning.


Pamela said...

I USE to be FAST!!!LOL
It's beautiful what ever it is...ROFL
I take it it it's something she hangs in her room or locker?
Or is it a flip album thingy?
My new word is thingy as I age! ROFL
Are you a follower on my blog?
I have the contest thingy going on too.
Love ya and miss ya!

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