Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's Project...

Today I worked on baseball jerseys. Baseball season is starting and we need to get jerseys ready for the team. My son is playing on two different teams, so I got volunteered (by my husband) to make jerseys for both teams. This was my proto type for the Bucs. They are actually going to be on royal jerseys, but we didn't have an extra to practice on. The ones I made for the allstar team had an odd number of letters. This had to be split where it buttons up since it was only four letters. I think they are turning out pretty good. What do you think?


Pamela said...

Nifty idea about the split...I didn't even notice it till I read! Pretty cool! Yall should have came this weekend so yall could use Margies big press here at the shop! Love yall!

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