Thursday, February 24, 2011

Books...My Other Love

In addition to crafting, I spend a great deal of time reading. I guess that is why I became a Literature teacher. I definitely don’t teach ELA because of my great spelling or grammatical finesse. I love books. Although my sister reads, I don’t think she loves books the way that I do. I don’t think she has the same friendship with the characters that I do to the point where I sometimes mourn their loss when the series is over. Yet, this passion for books is because of her. She played school with me when we were little and taught me to read and love stories before a teacher ever gave me that gift. At times in my life when I was scared or lonely or things just weren’t happy for me, books were my refuge. They took me to other places where I was safe and happy. So Margie if you are reading this, thank you. It was the gift of a lifetime.
Anyway…to the point of today’s post. I thought I would start sharing what I am reading. Most of what I read is young adult fiction. I know, I know, why would a grownup want to know about kid books? Because they are amazing why else would you want to know about a book. They are great stories. It is much harder to get young adults to want to read, so they have to be better than they were when we were kids. It has to beat out Facebook, YouTube, Mtv, and the hot guy that lives down the street. In addition, most young adult fiction is missing much of the trash in adult fiction. It comes closer to reading Christian fiction. Most, but not all, of it is clean. I am currently reading the Gone series. I finished Gone and am now reading Hunger. It is a about a California town that has a nuclear power plant. One day everyone fifteen and older just disappears. There is a barrier around the town and some of the kids start developing powers. There is also this hunger in the darkness that is calling to them. The phones, internet, and tv all go out. The kids have to figure out how to cope and go on living without adult supervision. As I am typing this I realize just how weird that this sounds. It is really good though.
Right before this I read Hush, Hush and Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. I have several people reading them now because they are so good. My students have been fighting over who gets my copy next. It is about a fallen angel and they are amazing books. I am so peeved because I have to wait until October 25th for the third one. Take my advice, you want to read these books.
Not much crafting going on the last few days. Yesterday was my child’s 15th birthday. I can’t believe she is growing up so fast. How does the time just slip away? Anyway, there was a softball game after school and she had her college class last night. Today I had to take her to interview a casting director and it was a wonderful experience for her. I wish I had been driven to reach my dreams at that age and that I had had someone willing to guide me and help me make the contacts I needed to make. Well, made I don’t wish that because then I would have a very different life than the one I am now living. Well, more on the casting director another day. Hope you aren’t bored by my musings.


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Oh Kathy we have so much in common, I love to read too but have to say I have not read in a while so I will be hopping to my library to find the books you recommended!

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