Friday, March 2, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

Okay, before you expect a post about Disney Land shift mental gears. Have you ever walked into a room and met someone that you thought had to be one of the kindest most genuine people you have ever met? Well, that happened to me times two. I walked into a scrapbook store before it even opened and the owners Faith and Arnie welcomed me with open arms. They are two incredibly wonderful people. They have created a crafting oasis. A place where you can go to buy scrap supplies, crop, or just stop and chat. Not all of you can run to Haughton,LA to meet them, but you can stop by their new online store. They have just recently opened their e-doors, but they are adding tons of product and have some of those items other places are sold out of already. So head on over to The Haughton House and tell them Kathy Ritchie sent you.


Pamela said...

Excuse me...couldn't you have said since they couldn't get to Gonzales, Texas....LOL

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